Our accountability “check-ins” are our secret sauce to success in The Accountability Club!  Here’s how they work.  

When you sign up as a member of TAC, you will be assigned an Accountability Partner (AP).  This AP and you will be partners in your success.  You will let your AP know how you would like to communicate, whether that be by text, email, or phone.  You will send 5 Business Goals and 5 Personal Goals to your AP each week (by Monday at 12 noon), so they will know what you’re working on for the week.  We call these your “5×5’s”. 

Two times a week your AP will “check in” with you to see how you’re doing on your goals.  They will not chew you out or tear you down.  The AP’s are focused on your success, so they will try to encourage you to keep up the hard work and to hang in there.  These check-ins are very brief and will not take up too much of your time during your workday.  They are used to keep you on track…yes, to help keep you accountable.

At the end of the week – or when you complete your 5×5’s – you will let your AP know how you did for the week.  These check-ins make it possible for you to go into massive action and to take your business and your life to a whole new level of productivity!


When you make the decision to invest in yourself and your business by joining the club; we will provide with an onboarding worksheet. This is for us to get an idea of what you currently have going in your life, both personally and in your business or career. Based on that information, we will assign you a compatible accountability partner. Your new partner will make initial contact with you and can immediately start being held accountable. Sounds fun, right? Also, depending on what plan you choose, you may also have one-on-one coaching or marketing sessions available to you, either one time or ongoing monthly.


Our private sessions that are included in our COMMITTED package and ALL-IN package fall into two distinct categories:  Business Coaching and Marketing/Business Development.  These sessions are conducted in person, by phone, or by Zoom/Skype.  The Business Coaching sessions are conducted by Cori Freeman, and the Marketing/Business Development sessions are conducted by Kacy Carlsen.

Business coaching sessions can help you with subjects such as:  Employee Engagement, Leadership, Stopping Self-Sabotage, Overcoming Overwhelm, Sales, Recruiting, Business Relationships, Increasing Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence, Customer Experience, and more.  Cori is a certified business coach, but she also can help you with personal coaching (sometimes referred to as “life coaching”).

Marketing/Business Development sessions can assist you with topics such as:  Branding, Promotional items, Collaterals, Strategy with your Social Media, Website Design guidance, Advertising suggestions, as well as many more subjects.  Kacy is an expert in her field and can help guide you in many aspects of your business.


Committed, aspiring entrepreneurs who:

  • Are successful professionals who want to create a thriving business
  • Are looking for powerful coaching to kick old habits
  • Have tried to change and make progress, but haven’t succeeded
  • Feel ashamed at how little you’ve achieved as an entrepreneur
  • Know you’re not doing the important stuff and that you need more focus
  • Know what to do, but just don’t do it
  • Have taken course after course, but haven’t made any progress
  • Have no free time, selling your time for money, wanting to change


  • Are NOT highly committed and ambitious
  • Want others to solve their problems for them
  • Do not believe in the power of groups and only want to work 1:1
  • Do not have goals and commitment to yourself & the group.
  • Are not willing to try new things
  • Are not interested in interacting with or contributing to others.
  • Secretly have no intention of succeeding.
  • Don’t like to follow structure or rules (usually don’t like accountability)
  • Who are burnt out and need a different type of support
  • Who are seeking therapy
  • Who are interested in social media and want to treat The Accountability Club as such
  • Are not willing to invest in themselves or in their businesses in order to make it much more of a success
  • Not for someone who sees the club as an opportunity to promote their products and services
  • Basically, if we have to talk you into joining the club, it’s not for you!


  • You must be willing to grow your business and to be open to stretching yourself to achieve more in your everyday business and professional life. (Please see comments below.)
  • You will be expected to send in 5 business goals and 5 personal goals to your accountability partner (AP) before each Monday at 12noon.
  • When contacted 2x a week by your AP, you are expected to be respectful and respond to them within 24 hours. If there’s a reason you cannot do this for some reason(vacation, sickness), you will need to notify your AP.
  • There is no solicitation of TAC members allowed in any way (FB group, email, in person, phone). If a member wants to contact you for your services/product, they will do so.  There is no advertising allowed. 
  • We are all here to build our businesses, and we are here to support each other.
  • Posts in FB group should be something that encourages the other members. If you’re having a challenge in a certain area, asking for feedback is great; complaining, cussing, and ranting will not be tolerated.  TAC FB admin will use their discretion in monitoring the group.  If a concern arises, please contact the FB admin.
  • TAC dues are billed monthly. If you’ve changed credit cards and/or billing preferences, TAC needs to be contacted immediately.  If dues are not paid, membership will not continue and the member will be removed from TAC.