In June 2019, Cori Freeman and Kacy Carlsen, two friends who met through business, were texting each other.  Kacy sent a message that said “THIS!” with the following quote:

“Repeat after me: I am allowed to be BOTH a work in progress AND help others grow at the same time. I refuse to wait until I believe I’m perfect or someone else has deemed me worthy of impacting others. I am unapologetically accepting a life of massive growth and improvement."

Cori responded: Love love love!!!! Now to live live live it!!!!

Kacy: Yes!

Cori: MASSIVE growth!!!! Do you have an accountability partner?

Kacy: Uh, you? (with a laughing emoji)  Do you?


From that exchange came a meeting where two like-minded businesswomen came together to create something truly unique! The Accountability Club (aka TAC) came to fruition.

Within two days, Kacy — being a massive growth person to her core — had bought the domain name, created a website, created the logo, created a Facebook profile, business page, and private Facebook group, and the two of them had an interest meeting lined up in Highland, CA.


Cori and Kacy’s mission was simple: to offer support to business owners in the way of using accountability partners to check in on the progress of their members, webinars/training to help their members’ skillsets, one-on-one business coaching, and one-on-one sessions revolving around business development (which includes marketing and branding). Yearly business workshops and Zoom training were also added to the mix.


The Accountability Club’s vision for the future is a BIG one. Cori and Kacy are on a mission to see TAC in multiple cities nationwide, with business owners being supported and trained to take their businesses to higher heights than they ever imagined. They look forward to helping YOU reach your goals.  Who else better to be aligned with than two powerhouses that make things happen?! Welcome to TAC! Let the games begin!

Meet The Founders

Cori Freeman
Kacy Carlsen